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The Effects of Fluttering Wings

Pink & Purple Butterflies
Pink & Purple Butterflies

Join BEP in our 2023 Giving Season Campaign 

The Effects of Fluttering Wings is the name of The Butterfly Effect Project’s 2023 Giving Season Campaign with a goal of raising $50,000. Beginning this month until the end of the year, we will be sharing stories that illustrate the breadth and depth of the Butterfly impact. You will hear from participants, parents, staff, ambassadors, volunteers, donors, supporters, partners, and community members about how the flapping of Butterfly and Dragonfly wings has transformed them. We invite you to be a part of this beautiful phenomenon this giving season. The fluttering of your wings will have far-reaching effects on youth for years to come!   

Help Us Flutter Beyond Our
$50,000 Goal!

Stay tuned to our social media channels these next two months as we share these inspiring stories. We celebrate how each individual contribution, be it money, time, words, or action, has had a reverberating positive influence on the BEP community, and beyond.

Pink & Purple Butterflies
112 (4).png
Pink & Purple Butterflies
112 (3).png
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Pink & Purple Butterflies
Pink & Purple Butterflies

Lets kick off BEP's Giving Season with a message from

Ms. Tia

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