One of the goals for our program is to ensure that all girls, regardless of their family situations, are able to attend and participate in ALL the events we offer. As we continue to grow, our expenses are increasing, as well. 

Currently, there is a $25 yearly enrollment fee to join the Butterfly Effect Project. The actual cost for each member to participate is $477.95. 

Individual and company donations will be used to offset enrollment fees as well as fund our meetings and events. Your donation ensures our continued success. And, you can be confident your contribution will be stretched a long way!

Click the donation button here or below. We truly appreciate your gift. Thank you for helping our girls!

Skipper Sponsor

Individual: a contribution of $50 will cover one girl's membership fee for the year. Additionally, you will be first to receive notifications for any events and all discounts. A BEP window cling is also included!

Company: a $250 donation will cover the membership fee for five girls. In addition to receiving a BEP T-shirt, your business name will appear in our newsletter with a clickable link.

Red Admiral Sponsor

Individual: a contribution of $100 will cover two girls' membership fees for the year. In addition to all the benefits of a Skipper Sponsor, you will also enjoy even greater access to see us at work.

Company: a contribution of $500 will cover the membership fee for ten girls. In addition to having your company mentioned in our the newsletter, you will also have a clickable link on the BEP website and a 'business spotlight' in our newsletter. We'll also send you a picture of the girls as well as two T-shirts.

Monarch Sponsor

Individual: a contribution of $200.00 will cover the membership fees for four Butterflies. In addition to all the perks of a Skipper and Red Admiral Sponsor, you will receive a Butterfly Effect Project T-shirt!

Company: a contribution of $1000 will cover the enrollment fee of twenty girls. Your business will receive all the benefits of a Skipper and Red Admiral Sponsor, plus two additional T-shirts. More importantly, your company's name will be attached to the chapter and will be mentioned at any and all events throughout the year.

After choosing your level: 

Skipper, Red Admiral or Monarch,

please make your donation here:

Thank you to the following Monarch Sponsors:









Thank you to the following Red Admiral Sponsors:

Shirley Veterinary Hospital     Tuthill Mangano Funeral Home     Direct Medical Supplies

People's United Bank        Pilato PR + Marketing Consultants      Family Community Life Center

Southampton Town PBA


We are also very grateful for the following individuals who have generously donated to sponsor our Butterflies:

Monarch Sponsors:

Nancy Froth, Pamela Moore, Debra Castro, Linda McCaskill, Mary Attea, Samantha Perino, Melinda Novak

Red Admiral Sponsors:

Cindy Reide Combs, Cynthia Liggon, Jill Gentry, Elizabeth Casey, Arline Galasso

Skipper Sponsors:

Shelly D. Walker, Vincent Taldone, Lanise Simmons, Carol Langhorne, Gionnah Hicks, Shanysa Tems, Latesha Mack, Pamela Moore, Azharia Allen, Bonnie Zull

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