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Arches: BEP's Supplemental Programming

Environmental Programming




BEP's Garden Club teaches not only teaches Butterflies to plant, grow, tend, and harvest produce, it instills healthy and sustainable habits. We are growing food to donate to the local community and pantries, as well as creating self-care and flower arrangements from our bounty! To learn more visit our Garden Club page here!



Peconic Baykeeper- an environmental organization dedicated to protecting and restoring Long Island’s waters- leads educational and experiential field trips for our Butterflies. BEP participants learn about the ecology of our water systems by taking water samples, catching and identifying fish species, and more. We hope to create regular environmental programming with Peconic Baykeeper. 

Arts Programming



BEP has teamed up with the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center to provide our Butterflies with singing, acting, and dancing lessons. Most recently, the Butterflies honed their performance skills in the course, and presented their talents in the Butterfly Showcase. 

BEP also runs a film club with WHBPAC. Each month we invite you to watch a culturally relevant film, participate in a discussion, and rate the move. Refreshments provided! Call the office, 631-591-0759 for more details. 

Dance Teams.png


BEP has three dance teams that Butterflies can join. The Empowerment Squad performs inspirational dance routines that empower Butterflies to express themselves. The Precious Pearls and The Elite Squad are BEP's Step and Drill teams- the only step & drill teams on the East End of Long Island. Younger Butterflies can join The Precious Pearls, build their skills and eventually graduate to The Elite Squad. Our dance teams perform at events throughout the community. If you're interested in bringing them to your event, call the office 631-591-0759 or email

Social Justice Programming


The Butterfly Action Group, known as BAG, was created by Butterfly Azharia Allen. She put her passion into action working towards making our community more equitable through educating others about racial and social justice issues. Junior Volunteers Kyra Mitchell and Lexi Fulford joined Azharia's efforts and together they have jumpstarted a documentary film club as well. Check BAG out on Instagram @bep.action!

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Career Prep Programming



BEP's Job Readiness Class prepares Butterflies looking to land their first jobs, and those who are looking to obtain better ones. It covers resume building, the interview process, conversations with employers, professional behavior and attire, and basic job skills. The course also focuses on financial responsibility, such as saving and budgeting. Once the girls complete the program, they will receive job placements at our partner vendors. Job Readiness is a reoccurring class held every spring. 

Job Corps Partnership (1).png
Career Preparedness Program.png


The Butterfly Effect Project has built on the Job Readiness Program to create its own Career Preparedness Program thanks to a generous grant from North Fork Side by Side. This program is personalized to participants, and caters to their specific needs. BEP's Career Preparedness Program has several components; workshops to educate Butterflies and their families about the financial and academic process of applying for and attending college, regular one-on-one meetings with BEP staff to develop individualized higher education/career plans, targeted conversations with professionals in desired fields of study, and an extended four year college tour as well as day excursions to local colleges and universities, all to show participants what’s possible for their futures.


The Butterfly Effect Project is now partnering with Job Corps. This partnership is part of our Career Prep Programming Arch. Butterflies interested in pursuing vocational opportunities will be connected to a Job Corps representative, who will assist them with all aspects of the enrollment process. Those who enroll will receive wraparound services and access to all Job Corps has to offer, including education, training, housing, a living allowance, medical care, childcare, books and supplies, connections to businesses and organizations, and more!  

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