We meet biweekly during the school year. We need volunteers to help at the meetings which alternate between our Riverhead and Bellport meeting locations. If you can help, please email us with the date you are interested in volunteering. Check our calendar.


Perhaps you would be interested in teaching the girls? We have had people lead a wide variety lessons at our weekly meetings: arts and crafts, esteem building, nutrition, etc. Professionals can come in and explain their jobs, or bring the girls to where they work. Let us know if this is something you may be interested in doing.

Help with Events

Throughout the year we have many different events: holiday celebrations, dances, fundraisers, etc. We welcome your participation! Please check our calendar page often to see our upcoming projects.

Tell us how you are able to help!

Please email comments and contact information to one of the following addresses:


Would you like to volunteer?

Would you like to be a guest speaker?

Are you able to run a workshop?

Are you interested in (or sharing) a booking or event?

For general questions/comments:

Do you have a non-monetary donation you would like to make?

Thank you!



"I love the Butterfly Effect Project because it allows me to be myself and to step out of my comfort zone with many other girls, younger and older!

I love the bonds that have came out of this program as well!"

Azharia A., Member for 5 years

"I have been a butterfly for fours years and I love every minute of it !

I joined the program because it opened up a new environment for me.

It also connected me with other girls that I didn't think I would bond with in the program."

Jaylen L., Member, 15 years old