The Butterfly Effect Project's Shared Values


At BEP we believe in leading with integrity, which means everything we do is in the best of interest of our Butterflies. We uphold our promises and commitments in order to build trust, community, and be the best role models we can be.


BEP believes that commitment and investment in Butterflies’ communities is necessary to serve and uplift the whole child. Investment in community helps BEP establish roots, inclusion, and belonging in a community, which also fosters self-appreciation and self-actualization in the child.


At BEP we believe in empowering each child holistically- encouraging and honoring all aspects of their identities. We also believe that true empowerment has a ripple effect that begins with the child, and spreads to their family and community.


At BEP we build trust through transparency at all levels of the organization. Management, staff, ambassadors, volunteers and Butterflies tell the truth, communicate openly and honestly, respect one another, treat one another fairly, and support and celebrate one another’s accomplishments.


At BEP, we respect each other fully, including all aspects of each other’s identities. Furthermore, we must concentrate on solutions rather than on the “he said, she said” mentality. We always try to remove our egos from conflicts, pause, and breathe deeply before responding. We consider the best time and place to address the conflict, and always concentrate on the issue at hand and not the person.


BEP believes that accountability breeds responsibility. Taking ownership of one's own actions is key to building solutions, self awareness and growth. It is also of utmost importance when you are a role model for others.


At BEP, as individuals we strive to cultivate the ability to learn and relate respectfully with people from our own and other cultures. As an organization, we welcome and celebrate participants from diverse cultures and do not impose our own ideologies on others. Furthermore, we incorporate Butterflies’ individual cultural knowledge into our programming by encouraging them to share their own stories, honor cultural traditions, and plan diverse and representative educational events and experiences. We understand that each of our chapters will look different depending on who is a part of them.