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Speaking Engagements

In addition to being the Founder and Executive Director of  The Butterfly Effect Project, Tia Fulford is a skilled orator. She's passionate about sharing her life trials, tribulations and lessons in motivating speeches. She does this through speaking engagements where she is invited to talk to different groups of people and share her story. 

Tia would love to talk at your next event! If you would like to book Tia Fulford to speak at your event, please reach out to Brienne Ahearn, or (631) 591-0759 ext. 1002.  

Proceeds from speaking engagements will go to supporting the mission of BEP. 

Previous Events

In June 2021 she was the keynote speaker at the Riverhead High School Class of 2021 graduation ceremony. Please watch the video to hear her inspiring words to the graduating class.

On September 30, 2020 Tia spoke at the First Baptist Church Memorial Service for Black lives lost to police violence. She specifically talked about Sandra Bland as a part of the #weshouldnotforget event. Listen to her powerful message at the video above.

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