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As a local business owner, would you be interested in increasing the number of patrons frequenting your establishment while simultaneously partnering with a local non-profit in the Riverhead Community? The Butterfly Effect Project (BEP) is currently organizing and hosting a Main Street Madness campaign. This campaign will bring information and awareness to the community at large.  We specifically want to highlight businesses located on Main Street.


BEP has a very large following within and beyond the Riverhead Community.  As we ask our community members to support our mission of “Creating Safe Spaces” for our youth, we want to give back to the community in the most sustainable way possible. With our network of businesses, families, vendors and community we are seeking to build partnerships which will strengthen all involved.


Participating businesses will donate $300 which includes a $50 gift certificate for our Butterflies to patron their places of business. Those who partner with BEP will receive a delightful highlight in our monthly newsletter as well as posts on our Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube “Butterfly Buzz” segment. With over 5,000 loyal followers amongst our social platforms, we are sure to create a “Buzz.”


If you are a business owner interested in participating in the Main Street Madness campaign and would like to learn more, please contact BEP Community Liaison Shanysa Tems, or 631-591-0759 ext. 1003. Please click on the button below to sign up now! 

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