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Parent Spotlight: Monika Francis

We are happy to shine a spotlight on Monika Francis. When her daughter Onnesty was asked what makes her mom a special person, Onnesty replied, "She is always there for me when I need help or when I get hurt." Along with being helpful, she is "kind and loving." In addition to being a front line worker, Monika uses fresh fruits and vegetables to create oils specifically for the growth and care of African American hair. Congratulations, Monika. Thank you for being an inspiration to others!


Previous Spotlight: Latesha Mack

Latesha works at LICH as a Radiology Associate/Patient Coordinator.

Jayla Wade nominated her mom for the parent spotlight because she's such a "kind" woman who is "always happy, cares for everybody, and doesn't treat anybody badly." Jayla describes Latesha as an incredibly nice person who is both "passionate and humble." In addition to the work she does at home and at the hospital, she also continues to further her education. She attends school full time, and has been on the Dean's List since enrolling two years ago! As if that isn't enough, Latesha also provides counseling for alcohol and substance abuse. Latesha's positive outlook, perseverance and support of others is an inspiration to us all. Thank you for all you do, Latesha!


Previous Spotlight: Rochelle Allen

We asked her proud daughter, Azharia, to help us explain what makes Rochelle such a special person. Azharia describes her Mom as strong, determined and kind, "She is a special person because she works really hard in order to make things work for me. She is an inspiration because her come up was not easy, but she became a better person. She also sells jewelry @razzysjewelrybox on Instagram and FaceBook." Congratulations, Rochelle! 


Previous Spotlight: Tiesha Trent

Tiesha is an LPN who is currently attending school for her RN. She works full time and donates a lot of her 'free' time to BEP as one of our Riverhead volunteers. She is the mother of Butterfly Asia. Tiesha brings her fierce devotion, passion and dedication to the group, inspiring and encouraging the girls to dream bigger than what is outside of their windows. Tiesha attends Galilee COGIC of Riverside. She is constantly making room in her life and heart for our program. Although she has one beautiful daughter, she has made room for over 500 more! Thank you for everything you do, Tiesha!

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